Music: Section 2

Here are my musical favorites in Section 2. Bands and artists are listed by country of origin and in alphabetical order (online since: 2004-12-07; links updated: 2017-12-24).


Check out Muziekencyclopedie for an online pop encyclopedia (Dutch).

Band/Artist Any remarks? Site?
Michel Banabila The Brian Eno of the Low Countries yes
Ensemble Pittoresque Very nice synthi-pop (and a discography of just 2 LPs) yes
De Fabriek Weirdness from Zwolle yes
MAM * *
Nasmak * *
Mekanik Kommando Nice avant garde: electronics & double bass item
Minny Pops Avant garde avant la lettre yes
Soom / Kleg Avant garde from Groningen item


Band/Artist Any remarks? Site?
Front242 * yes
TC-Matic Seen performing live at Vrijhof, Enschede, 1982. item
The Klinik "You'll never get out!" *


Band/Artist Any remarks? Site?
DAF DAF is Robert Görl and Gabi Delgado-Lopez item
Der Plan / Pyrolator Der Plan is Pyrolator, Fritz Fenstermacher, MoritzRr yes
Einstuerzende Neubauten Groundbreaking in industrial music yes
Holger Hiller Former member of 'Palais Schaumburg'. item
Kraftwerk Groundbreaking in electronic music yes
Palais Schaumburg Neue Deutsche Welle! item

Great Britain

Band/Artist Any remarks? Site?
Cocteau Twins * yes
Coil * *
Dead Can Dance * *
Hula * *
Human League For a nice sing-along! *
TestDept * *
This Heat * *


Band/Artist Any remarks? Site?
Pere Ubu * yes
Prince * *
Snakefinger "The 5th Resident": need any more credentials? *


Band/Artist Any remarks? Site?
Severed Heads From Down Under, but on top yes